AT&T 6300 Computers

AT&T Model 6300 Computers

This directory contains a listing of software that was designed to be run on the AT&T 3B1/7300 and UNIX PC Computers. You must maintain a valid license in order to download any of the commercial or OS software from this directory. Downloading software confirms your knowledge and agreement of these terms and conditions.


Commercial Software Operating System Software Public Domain Software Documentation

* File Name All diskettes used for the AT&T 6300 PC are Double Sided (DS), Double Density (DD), Soft Sectored (Soft). However, there were two versions of soft sectoring used for producting diskettes for the PC. A "10S" prefix to a file name indicates a 360K format, while an "8S" prefix indicates a 320K format diskette. The "dd" suffix on the file names indicates that this is an image created with the UNIX "dd" command. To create a useable copy you must have an identically formatted (8S/10S) diskette. Then you can issue the UNIX command: "dd if=Copy_FileName of=dev/rfd0". Some packages are available in both 10S and 8S formats. (GFH = George F. Hamstra created installable - blame me! I made installable versions of almost all of the original Store packages and created The New Store and added all sorts of "extras")