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I started my computer career at Bell Labs in January, 1970. I was fortunate enough to work in the original UNIX Support and Development Group in Naperville, IL. I spent many enjoyable years (~14) at "the labs". I also worked in various supervisory positions. Here is a link to my work history. Through the years I've been blessed with meeting many wonderful people, many of whom I've had the opportunity to work with. I've also added a list of classmates from Carl Sandburg Class of 1969.

I left "the labs" in January 1984 and travelled around the country doing UNIX training. In 1985 I began concentrating on my wife Eve's floppy disk business (MSS). The company began providing UNIX services and selling AT&T computers in November of 1985. The company grew rapidly to over $40Mil/year in 1989 - the year we sold the business and retired.

I came out of retirement for a short time in June of 1994 and started a new computer related business. I ended up selling this business to a Fortune 500 company in April of 1995.

Since then I've been spending time with the family, fishing and travelling, but I still spend a significant amount of time hacking UNIX code... I still work on a pet project I call "System Sentry". This package allows a single person to administer over 400 heterogenous UNIX machines running a variety of types and versions of UNIX. It is a never ending project and is no longer receiving the attention it deserves - especially since it is almost complete enough to distribute.... So, if you are a UNIX hack and want to continue this project, send me some Email! (update: I stopped working on this project on 11/01/2000)

What will I do next? Well, funny you should ask! I have formed a new company with some friends in August 1998 - NetGain Motors, Inc. We have built an electric powered dragster. We hope to capture a world record this year. We are currently running a series of experiments dealing with hybrid power supply systems (not hybrid drive systems!) with assistance from NASA.   This new company also develops electric vehicle motors.You can check out the description of the dragster we are building and keep abreast of its progress at: NetGain Motors, Inc. - Dragster. I am also converting a go-kart, ( NetGain Motors, Inc. - Gokart Project).

My Family

I have four children, Heidi(33), Hannah(23), Hollie(21), and Hunter(13), and of course my wonderful wife Eve(??).

Heidi was responsible for European Lease Marketing for Pitney-Bowes and was stationed in London till March, 2001. Heidi married August 28th, 1998 to Chris Vassalotti! Chris is a civil engineer by trade, and currently worked for a UK company that produces software that runs on UNIX systems (what a coincidence)! Heidi is currently works at Experian in Schaumburg , IL. managing a credit services sales force. My first grandchild was born December 6th, 2003! His name is Luca Maxwell Vassalotti! Chris works for Open Text - managing global business development for the construction market vertical. Unfortunatley their weblink is no longer active. Our grand finale last tour de world (2 month excursion) included: India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji. We returned to the US July of 2001.

Hannah tried Moraine Valley Community College  and College of DuPage (which she likes) and working a full-time job.  She is still the socialite of the family. She is interested in interior design.  She has been working for a credit card processing firm in Oakbrook, Illinois.  She and her best friend from high school (Mandy) share a house in Westchester, Illinois.  We never see enough of her since she left the nest....

Hollie completed her time at Lemont High School and then our shock, and dismay joined the U.S. Army!  Actually we are so proud of her that we could burst! During High School she was active in the drama club. She was outstanding as the White Queen in Lemont High Schools production of "Alice in Wonderland" and also had a lead role in "Ten Little Indians", "Arsenic And Old Lace", "The Odd Couple", and "Cheaper By The Dozen". She was very involved in drama club presentations and was in the Spring musical. Hollie also had a part in the Lewis University production of Romeo and Juliet. After two years in the Army, Hollie has returned home safe and sound! Though she was trained as a refueler of vehicles, she  was the Network Administrator for the General's staff at t. benning, Georgia.  Eve and I made a couple of trips to visit her.  She was working with a great group of people.

Hunter is in 7th grade (where is the time going!?). Lately he has been working on his computer and playing games - I knew we should have named him Hacker! He loves spending his summer at the lake, playing in the sand, fishing, being with friends. He has a best friend - Jerry Murphy and they spend all their free time with one another.  He is on a flag football league in Lemont.

Eve works out (step aerobics and weight training) 3-4 times a week and it is showing! She also "spins" once or twice a week, and is also involved with a book club and of course Bunco. She loves her time at the lake.... She is the wine expert of the family.  She has been redesigning our house for the past few months......

Me? I bought a new fishing boat, rigged it the way I want it, and fished all summer (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)! I only managed one trip to Canada in 1998. In 1999, 2000, and 2001 I was busy all summer with the Dragster, so my fishing time was severely limited. I plan on correcting this unacceptable situation and I already have a couple trips planned for 2005, AND, for the first time, Eve has agreed to go with me to Canada! I think I am more excited about it than her - she's just doing it because I promised her luxurious accommodations - i.e. indoor plumbing).  If you want to go fishing send me an Email!!!!!

The Place I Live

I grew up in Palos Park, IL., a GREAT place to be a kid! I guess I liked it so much that most people say I still haven't grown up - and I won't argue the point! I attended SD 118 and attended high school at Carl Sandburg SD230. (My Mom, Dad and Grandfather(96) ("the chief") moved from Palos to Lockport in 2003.)

I have primarily lived in this area my entire life, with the exception of the U.S. Army that relocated me to Washington state, Texas ( San Antonio and Killeen - wonderful Ft. Hood ), and Korea ( Taegu ) for a year.

Eve and I met at "the labs" around 1973 and started dating on August 25th, 1975. We lived in Naperville after we were married in September 1978. Since 1989 we've been living in Lemont, IL. It's a GREAT little town! I was elected to the school board in November 1997. Lemont is the kind of town where everyone knows your name, and when you walk down the street people smile and say "hello". Actually, the area we live in is not within the city limits. It is an area known as Equestrian Estates. We have LOTS of nice neighbors and people in the community. Our family is quite happy here.

During the summer (beginning in May, ending in September) we spend a lot of time at a cottage in Wisconsin - just outside West Bend. The cottage is right on the lake, the kids have wave-runners, I have a fishing boat, and Eve has a ski boat. I usually manage a trip or two to Canada every year, as well as 1-2 weeks in Minnesota on a dear friends island. (their island is the middle left one...) During the winter I try to get away to the Keys, Florida or Hawaii. Eve has already agreed to move to Maui once the kids are grown. Though lately I've been thinking more about Tahiti or Fiji, or.... Eve tells me I fish so much that I should turn pro. I counter by saying "If I was good at it I wouldn't have to do it so much...."  Most of my fishing friends probably agree with me. Gee, I'll bet with all this talk of fishing that you'd really like to see some of my trophy fish, so here they are:

My Trophy Fish

Crappy Crappie!
Monster Crappie!

Missouri Largemouth!
Killer Largemouth!

Kankakee River Small Smallmouth!
Large Smallmouth!

Baby Walleye!

Huge Walleye!
(I've actually caught an 11lb 2oz one...)

Pas the bait!
Who asked for bait?

Canadian Sunset
Skunked again - who cares!

Smile for the camera
Smile for the camera!

Perch bait!
Monster Perch!

HunterS 14
Hunter's 14" crappie!

Wake me when I get there!

Wake me when we get there....

George lifting weights!
Digging for worms.

Bad Amplitude!

Bad Amplitude - Electric Powered!

18.5ft Starcraft Professional Walleye Boat
Lets go fishing!

My Interests

Computers are my second love, after Eve and the kids, though to hear her tell it the order is reversed...... When the weather cooperates, I fish! Salt-water, fresh-water, trolling, casting, fly-fishing, drifting, or even walking the river. It takes my mind off everything. I guess this is my third love.

Lately, Eve and I have been reading ALOT! She is in a book club with some friends, and I just try to keep up with her. There are times when she goes through 3-4 books a week! Books I like are usually science, and/or fiction, although one of the BEST books I have ever read is Ray Kurzweil's "THE AGE OF SPIRITUAL MACHINES".  You have got to read this book!

"Neanderthal" was alright, I just finished "Virus", and "Subterranean". I am currently working on "The Killer Angels" and "The Coming Plague". After reading "Outbreak" and "The Hot Zone" I find them interesting. I have just about finished "The Client" - not bad... I've also been listening to numerous audio books as I travel. Of course no book list would be complete without "The daVinci Code".

The best book I 've read in a long, long time was "Chaos" by James Gleick. I suppose this is because of my still intense interest in artificial intelligence.  If you enjoyed that link you will appreciate the fact that I have FINALLY solved the inference generation problem that has plagued me for the past 15 years.  This entire project has consumed a good portion of the last 30 years of my life.....

I still have a couple of quad-processor 3B2/1000-80's, as well as some 3B2/600's and a 3B2/700. I also use a couple of Pentium Pros ( NT, 95, 98, ME,  Xp, 2000,  3.1, Linux ), a SUN IPX, and some "classic" systems. The "old-standby" UNIX/PC is still chugging away, and I have numerous Intel platforms for playing with various O/S's ( Inferno, Plan9, SCO, SVR4's, Linux, Beos, OASIS, etc. etc. ). Plus I maintain that area Eve hates and calls "my "museum" in the basement". (yes Mark - I still have a Billings Z80! ) )!

Lately I've been looking into connecting things in the house to the 3B and to the PC's using X10 stuff.... The lights going on and off at all hours of the day and night are a testimony to my hardware ineptness!

I am President of the Lemont -Bromberek Combined School District 113A's Board, as well as being a member of the Lemont Sertoma. I still like an occasional movie, as long as it's a sci-fi flick.

I also like to play with obscure science (i.e. Tesla Turbine), here is an example of recycling at its best....

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My Favorite Links

The Dragster Project
FVEAA Homepage
Ebay - lots of neat stuff
UNIX Source Archives
The National Electric Drag Racing Association
Brad Starcevich - The Cosmic Adventurer (and my bud)!

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Music by the Moody Blues (who else?), On this Page "Gemini Dream", on History Page "Story", on MSS Page "Wildest Dream", on Friends Page "Lovely To See You", on the UNIX Page "I Know Your Out There Somewhere" on Carl Sandburg Class of '69 "The Voice" - Enjoy!


Gemini Dream
Justin Hayward, John Lodge

Long time no see,
Short time for you and me,
We're on the road
Like you knew we would.

First night, so long,
A state of mind.
What can go wrong?
We're here, the time is right
To rock 'n' roll
Right through the night.

Make it work out.
Make it work.
Make it work out.
Make it work out
For each other tonight.

State fright, candle light,
You can let go,
Tonight's the night,
Came back for you.
Glad to see
That you came too.

There's a place, a Gemini dream,
There's no escaping from the love we have seen
So come with me, turn night to day.
You're gonna wake up,
You know you're gonna wake up in a Gemini dream.

Turned round to see
Where we've been
And what we believe
In life. Love,
Take a chance,
See it through.
You'll be glad
That you came too.

There's a place, a Gemini dream,
There's no escaping from the love we have seen
So come with me, turn night to day.
You're gonna wake up,
You know you're gonna wake up in a Gemini dream.

Long time, no see.
The lights go up
For you and me.
We're here,
The time is right
To rock 'n' roll
Right through the night.

Living it,
Believing it,
Wanting it,
Make it work out.

Make it work.
Make it work out.
Make it work out
For each other tonight.

Long time, no see.
Short time for you and me.
So fine, so far, so good.
We're on the road
Like you knew we would.