Larry Watt

I don't know where to start - how do you condense 32 years into 25 words or less.

Before I get started I want to say how great it is for you to put this web page together and gather information from everyone. It is wonderful to read current news on our classmate and to see those old pictures, it brings back some fond memories.

Well here goes the 25 words or less version of my life since Sandburg. After graduation I spent the next four years at West Point where I had the "best of times and the worst of times". There I developed some of the strongest bonds of friendships, and studied under some of the most outstanding leaders I have ever met. Upon graduation I went to Georgia for Airborne school and officer basic training. I was fortunate enough to get stationed back in Illinois at Fort Sheridan (near Lake Forest) for five years which provided me an opportunity to obtain my MBA from the University of Chicago at night. At Fort Sheridan I had the opportunity to work with and for some outstanding people (there were also a few ass-holes). I culminated my military career with one of the best jobs I have ever had, as a Company Commander. From there I moved into the business sector working for AT&T in Chicago. After a couple of years in Chicago I was transferred to New Jersey. I stayed with AT&T for 20 years working in Operations, Engineering, and Sales, completing my career with the leadership of AT&T's Network Security organization. I took the early retirement package from AT&T in 1998. Since then I have been a consultant with a small telecommunications consulting firm in New Jersey. For the past year I have been working on a project in London.

I am married and have an outstanding 16 year old daughter.

And that brings you up to date --- how's that for 25 words or less!

Drop me a line and let me know more about what you have been up to and any info on the Sandburg class of '69. It has been so ling since I have been back to the Palos area I am sure it has changed significantly.

Larry Watt