Warfield Electric to Produce Electric Vehicle Motors


Frankfort, IL, May 18, 1999 -- In an exclusive arrangement with NetGain Motors, Inc., Warfield Electric has announced that it will provide D.C. motors for the electric vehicle (EV) community. Under the terms of the agreement, Warfield will supply custom 9", 10" and 12" motors to NetGain Motors for distribution. The motors will come in a variety of configurations, including compound wound with both shunt and series field windings. This feature will allow the motors to be easily configured for regenerative braking in street electric vehicles. Additionally, Warfield will produce motors to meet the exceedingly high stress levels required of EV drag racing. The NetGain Motors, Inc. Twin motor electric dragster "Bad Amplitude" is scheduled to debut at National Electric Drag Racing Associations (NEDRA) meet in Bandimier, Colorado on May 22nd.


Jerry Warfield, President of Warfield Electric said "Our business has always been centered around providing the best D.C. motors, and we believe we do!" "Our technical competence, and customer satisfaction are unsurpassed in the industry, and we believe NetGain Motors will showcase our motors in their best light, and represent this line of motors well". "We will continue to improve our motors and work with NetGain Motors, Inc." "We understand the need for more robust brushes and commutators that will help fill the void for higher power and more reliable motors".


"We want to bring new options and technologies to the EV community to help it move forward." said George Hamstra (Chairman of NetGain Motors, Inc..) "Our goal is to provide products that make it much easier for EV enthusiasts to do conversions, and to provide alternative sources of high quality and high power components for the racing community". "Warfield Electric has the capabilities of producing the best D.C. Motor alternative available for the EV market, and they have shown an intense interest in our racing project. We expect a long, and mutually beneficial relationship [with them]".


Beginning in January 1999 the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rules changed to allow electric vehicles to compete AT NHRA events.