Fay Electric To Supply Custom Cable/Wire

Elmhurst, IL, 7/1/1999 -- Fay Electric Wire Corp. of Elmhurst, Illinois has announced that it will supply custom cables, wires and assemblies for the Electric Vehicle (EV) marketplace exclusively through NetGain Motors, Inc. (NGT) of Lockport, Illinois. NetGain Motors specializes in the distribution of EV components, and is active in EV Racing.


"Fay Electric's knowledge of wire and cables is unsurpassed in the industry. There is no doubt that they can supply us with the quality and quantity of cables we need." said George Hamstra - Chairman, NGT. Ken Cobler, President of NGT had this to say: "The EV marketplace requires ultra high quality cables and wires to ensure longevity, performance, and reliability. It is obvious that Fay Electric knows how to meet the demanding needs of EV's"


Jack O'Brien, President of Fay Electric said: "We are always looking for relationships that will open up new marketplaces for our products. The relationship with NetGain should prove to be a benefit for Fay Electric, NGT, as well as for the EV marketplace." Phil Gnolfo, Treasurer for Fay Electric expressed his pleasure with the arrangement by saying: "Our discussions with the NGT folks have convinced us that they are a company who are truly concerned about their customers, the way we are concerned about ours. We look forward to this relationship."


Through this agreement NetGain will be allowed to supply a unique and extremely high quality line of cables, wires, and assemblies to the EV marketplace. The materials being used are designed for reliability, flexibility, abrasive resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, temperature extremes and their ability to transmit the types of power used by high voltage electric vehicles. "I believe the EV community will be quite impressed with the performance characteristics of these components" said George Hamstra.


For more information contact: Email: ngt@go-ev.com