NetGain Provides Tech Manuals to NHRA

Indianapolis, IN, 1/15/2000 --Kevin Zak, President of NetGain Motors, provided electric vehicle training manuals produced by NetGain Motors for the NHRA annual training event held in Indianapolis, IN. The NetGain manual is titled "Electric Vehicle Tech Inspection Guidelines". Mr. Zak addressed the NHRA tech inspectors during their meeting and answered questions. "This is a basic instructional manual dealing with the safe operation and inspection of battery powered electric vehicles. The rarity of electric vehicles at NHRA tracks could pose a serious safety concern to the track officials and bystanders who are not familiar with their operation. The silence of these vehicles belies their power and their operational status - a vehicle may be 'running' and not making any noise at all. This could have serious consequences for the uninitiated! We are happy to have helped the NHRA realize some of the safety concerns associated with electric vehicles." Kevin explained. Contact NetGain Motors, Inc. for availability of the manual.


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