Cementex Products, Inc. sponsors internationally known Electric Dragster

[Chicago, Illinois] May 21, 2001 NetGain Motors, Inc. (NetGain), one of the most unique Motorsports Marketing companies in drag racing history, welcomes their newest sponsor, Cementex Products, Inc. of Burlington, New Jersey.


NetGain promotes alternative energy research by fielding their stable of "Battery Powered Dragsters" throughout the United Stated and Canada; and can currently be seen on tour for the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) doing exhibitions with their vehicles.


"Safety has always been our number one priority when working with the unusually high voltages and currents while servicing our battery powered dragsters," said Kevin Zak, Vice President of NetGain. "We searched high and low for the highest quality insulated products to protect our crews and we were excited when we found Cementex Products, Inc." Zak said.


"Cementex Products, Inc. specializes in electrically insulated hand tools and protective gear for the electrical power industry. With all of their equipment rated for a minimum of 1000 volts, we have far surpassed the safety requirements necessitated by the research and development associated with electric vehicles," said John Spooner, Crew Chief for "Bad Amplitude."


"Our crews now work with higher confidence in their safety equipment and tools and are able to work much faster and more efficiently when pushed for time while exhibiting at the race track," said John Emde, Crew Member.


NetGain's vehicles are currently on tour at NHRA tracks around the country and can also be seen at numerous community events, such as the "American Solar Challenge" and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker's (IBEW) "Alternative Energy Expo."


For more information contact: Email: ngt@go-ev.com