Electric Powered Dragster Shocks Washington D.C.


[Chicago, Illinois] Saturday, June 23, 2001, NetGain Motors' battery powered electric drag rail "Bad Amplitude" competed in the "Mason Dixon Electric Drags" in Hagerstown, Maryland; just outside of Washington, D.C. and hosted by the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) and the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C.


Even though the day started out rainy, this first ever East Coast event attracted scores of electric vehicle enthusiasts, vehicles and curious onlookers.


NetGain's dragster, "Bad Amplitude," won first place as the fastest and quickest electric vehicle with an impressive 12.0 second quarter mile pass while running at only 38% power.


NetGain will continue to compete and show "Bad Amplitude" at various races and events around the Midwest this year and is currently exhibiting several of their battery powered dragsters at dragstrips across the United States and Canada while on tour for the National Hod Rod Association (NHRA) at their Federal Mogul Series.


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