Battery Powered Dragster joins Solar Cars at Chicago Museum


[Chicago, Illinois] July 14 - 15, NetGain Motors' dragster "Bad Amplitude" was on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for the kickoff celebrations to the "American Solar Challenge" (AMC.)


The AMC is a cross country race of solar powered vehicles -- starting in Chicago and traveling all of old Route 66 to Los Angeles, California. Approximately 40 solar vehicles are entered. Thousands of people stopped by the NetGain display area to see this unique dragster parked in-between some of the solar vehicle entries.


Keith Gill, the curator of transportation at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry invited NetGain to display their dragster as part of the gala pre-race festivities. Also included were an assortment of antique electric Milburn automobiles. The museum just completed its restoration of a 1917 electric Milburn.


"We've come full circle" said Keith Gill. "Thomas Davenport of America drove the first battery powered car in 1834, 52 years before Gottlieb Daimler of Germany demonstrated the first gasoline powered automobile in 1886. In order to take a step forward in technology, we have taken a step back to the beginning of automobiles." Gill said.


Some of the tremendous press coverage covering this event included: The "Today Show," Associated Press, National Geographic, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, several cable stations and local newspapers and radio stations.


NetGain will continue to compete and show "Bad Amplitude" at various races and community events around the Midwest this year and is currently exhibiting their battery powered dragsters at dragstrips across the United States while on tour for the National Hod Rod Association (NHRA) at their Federal Mogul Series.


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