What are the Digital Dark Ages?

Over the past decades, numerous forms and formats of electronic media storage have been offered by vendors.  As storage capacities increased, the compatibility of the various electronic mediums disappeared.  This has created a situation where "old" storage formats are no longer supported, nor is hardware even available to read the old storage media.  Consequently, much old software and data, some of which might prove to be of historical significance was/has been lost.  This site is dedicated to obsolete hardware and software.  Contributions and additions are welcome!


Why is there so much content on AT&T Computer Systems?

Simply because MUCH of the information on this page has come from my personal archives. In my younger years, after I had left Bell Labs, I owned a computer distribution company that sold thousands of AT&T computers. AT&T made GREAT computer systems for their time, introducing the first true 32-bit computer years ahead of Intel. And, the 1984 release of the 3B2 computers with the UNIX O/S was a tremendous milestone in computer history. (IMHO)


What's Available and how do I access it?

Besides having repositories for AT&T Computer software and documentation, there are also repositories for CP/M and OASIS O/S software. (though I am probably one of the few people who ever utilized OASIS...)

I do require a valid Email address in order for you to access these web pages. The reasoning is simple, much of the software available on this site was likely Copyrighted© by someone, something at sometime, and I want to be assured that you are not copying software for which you do not have permission. Just in case someone or something comes back and makes me cease and desist...

Here is what is available....



I would be happy to accept any donation, be it monetary or in the form of software, hardware, documentation, etc.. Feel free to contact me with anything that might aid in the development of this site!


If you would like to access the archives, send Email to: George Hamstra and I will provide you with a login and password for the archives.

Access to this site is restricted to legal copyright owners ONLY!  You should not download any application for which you do not hold a valid license. Some hardware (such as AT&T 3B1's and AT&T 3B2's) included versions of the operating system software.  However, care should be exercised to ensure that only the original version of the software is downloaded. Upgrades may require additional licenses and costs that are your responsibility.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance!