Columbus, Ohio Electrified by Battery Powered Dragster


[Chicago, Illinois] July 6 - 8: NetGain Motors' battery powered electric drag rail "Bad Amplitude" visited National Trail Raceway just outside of Columbus, Ohio this last weekend to participate in the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Federal Mogul races.


Each day, hundreds of people stopped by the NetGain pit area to see this unique dragster in-between its exhibition runs. "I never get over how many people stop by the NetGain dragster," said Jay Hullinger, NHRA division director. "This is the second year Bad Amplitude has been touring with us and the car keeps drawing curious onlookers." Hullinger said.


Attendees were stunned to see a totally silent dragster race down the quarter mile dragstrip. Track officials made all the other participants turn their engines off so that the audience could appreciate the erie silence. The only sounds were the tires squealing during the smokey burnout and while going down the track.


NetGain will continue to compete and show "Bad Amplitude" at various races and community events around the Midwest this year and is currently exhibiting their battery powered dragsters at dragstrips across the United States while on tour for the National Hod Rod Association (NHRA) at their Federal Mogul Series.


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