NetGain Motors, Inc. to field a Honda Insight


NetGain Motors, Inc. announced today that it will begin conversion work on a new Honda Insight. The vehicle will be extensively modified so that it can compete in electric vehicle drag races. "We will demonstrate the lightweight materials and aerodynamics of the Insight" said Kevin Zak, Vice President of NetGain Motors. "We'll show the world a level of power and performance from a green machine they never expected!"


George Hamstra, President of NetGain Motors said, "This Insight will change peoples views of electric vehicles as slow and unresponsive. We are committed to building a highly competitive drag racing vehicle that will also be used in the International Show Car Association events in order to gain more widespread acceptance and understanding of alternative fuel vehicles".


"The Insight is a superb, lightweight platform on which to develop an electric drag racing vehicle, we are planning something completely different from anything we have done in the past" said project engineer, John Emde.


The vehicle has been bestowed the name of "Outasight" and is expected to enter competition later this year.


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