I Know You're Out There Somewhere?

In an attempt to keep in touch with the past members of the UNIX Support Group from Naperville, Illinois I ask your assistance!  If you know where someone currently is please let me know! (or have them contact me!)  Here is what I have so far:
IH UNIX Support Group
(In order to confuse web crawlers (trawlers), Tom Fisher has suggested the Email address be mutilated, so be sure to CHECK the email address before 'sending'.)
Tom Fisher* Tom Fisher was the supervisor of the UNIX Support Group, and the best supervisor I 've ever worked with.  Tom is currently living in Colorado - still with Lucent.  He has skillfully avoided further promotions that would keep him from immersing himself in the technology he loves so much. Tom's current group is doing web-based programming, java servlets, javascript, and all that goes with it to produce web "applications". Tom and Diane came out to Bandimier Race Track to watch us race our electric dragster in May of 1999. Both of them look good, but ask Tom to tell you about his off-road bicycle experience. Tom and Diane have hiked up 53 of the 54 tallest peaks in CO. On a couple of them, they needed a rope just to calm the nerves. Tom's email address is hiker@att.net where hiker is replaced with mtneva.

We moved from Westminster, CO to Windsor, CO (just 50 miles north) where we have 2.7 acres to play with. I am driving the rototiller, preparing the ground for dryland pasture grass seed planting.

Roger Faulkner* DECEASED Read his obituary - RAF was "our guru" - Roger worked for SUN Microsystems where he amassed a wealth of SUN stock. I believe his goal was to become the world's oldest hacker. Roger's email was guru@sunraf.eng.sun.com where guru was replaced with raf. Update 10/2013 - RAF is alive and well about 15 mnutes north of Grand Rapids Michigan and still working for Oracle (who purchased Sun - in case you missed that ;) ) Roger is married to Sandy (2001) and they live in the woods, surrounded by wetlands (we live in a swamp, just like Shrek) with deer, turkeys, and all sorts of other critters. Roger's new Email is RAF@oracle.com where RAF is replaced with roger.faulkner - I've become proficient with a chain saw. I have other contact info for him if you contact me directly I'll pass it along... Roger's Memorial page on Facebook may be found here
Pat Kitterman* Pat was the original UNIX answer desk.  She moved on to the 5ESS personnel liaison, and I haven't seen or heard from Pat in years.
Jeff Kinker* I became part of NCR in Naperville when the server businesses merged in 1991, and I continued to work on UNIX OS development and some systems enginnering work. In 1994, I saw the writing on the wall that NCR would close the Naperville office. A job in Columbia, SC came my way where I became the director of program realization, coordinating cross location development and integration in to single releases.

As we all know, PCs grew up and ate the server business (look at HP and Compaq), and the Columbia server business was on the rocks. I knew my job was at risk, so I found a job in Rockville, MD in NCR Government Systems Division. This was the organization that was the winner of TMAC and FAA-OATES 3B2 contracts! I became the Professional services managing partner for the sw development for the USPS contract. We engineer and deploy the point of sale systems in post offices. It is a dual source contract with IBM, and nothern IL is IBM country, but for those in California, the majority of the midwest and the south, you can see our handiwork.

I am now the program manager for our entire project with the USPS - last year 120+ people, and $74+M. I own all the SW development and hw deployment.

My wife Karen and I have 2 daughters, Dana (16) and Katelyn (14). Dana is a sophmore and Katelyn is in the 8th grade. We all really like DC, but miss our families and friends from the midwest. You can reach Jeff at nuucp@home.com where nuucp is replaced with jeffkinker.

Tom Giammarresi* Tom and I have remained close over the years. He left the Labs and became the liaison between Olivetti and AT&T at the time when AT&T PC's were being manufactured by Olivetti.  He and his wife Gabriela, and their two daughters, Sofia and Caterina now live in California. We were fortunate enough to have them visit us at the lake recently!

I changed jobs about 7 months ago. I now work for iSurfTV, a small company (30 people) in the interactive TV business. I have a more impressive title... "VP of Engineering", but in a small company I end up doing a little bit of everything. We're not planning to do much traveling this summer, just local stuff like taking the girls camping for the first time. If you can make it to California stop by and stay at our house. We can organize a trip to Yosemite or something.

We had a pretty good (i.e. expensive) vacation in December at Atlantis in the Bahamas. I was also just in Italy because my Dad had an operation... he seems to be doing fine.

Tom has a software package that you check out. Tom's email is soccer@att.net where soccer is replaced with tgiam.

Gary Henry* My office mate - Gary is now a manager in wireless at Lucent.....Deb is fine, still in nursing at Central Dupage.

I have a 16 year old son, Michael, who keeps us naturally busy. He just made it to the State Finals in Hockey the other week. I am the webmaster for this page --- see www.redhawkhockey.com

Gary's email is bstj@lucent.com where bstj is replaced with gjh.  Send Gary personal Email

Roger Polsley* Roger became the Group Supervisor UNIX Systems and Hardware Support group. Roger is a manager in 5E at Lucent. Roger's email is acct@lucent.com where acct is replaced with roger.
Bob Kindelberger Mr. Super Rogue. The Labs sent me to Atlanta for a Unix conference. Fell in love with the city. Found a head hunter and a job. Left the Labs two weeks after they broke up, right after George did. I knew it wouldn't be the same without George.

Enjoyed myself working for small companies like Chromatics, Sun Microsystems, and Brock Control Systems. Spent 10 years with Brock writing Sales Force Application tools and eventually became part of the Professional Services team writing applications for customers using the tool that I helped write. Left Brock and partnered with a couple of boys who were clients of Brock to start a company that focused in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market.

Learned the ins and outs of business while in this venture and finally decided to go on it my own. Been in business 3 1/2 years as a CRM Solution Provider building applications for Fortune 1000 companies with my primary focus on the Atlanta market.

I keep one hand on a Unix keyboard and the other on the Microsoft mouse.

My wife Regina and I have two wonderful kids named Rachel and Joshua. We are in the process of building a new home 10 miles north of our current home of 11 years. Spend most of my free time with my family, coaching baseball, woodworking, watching karate, piano lessons or helping with homework.

That is wild that RAF went to Sun Microsystems. I worked there for a year back in 84-85 when they had about 300 employees. The biggest financial mistake of my life was leaving that company for Brock. Bob's Email is rogue@bellsouth.net where rogue is replaced by atlrdkVisit his Web Site! Contact Bob at: 2364 Bronze Oak Lane - Braselton, GA 30517 - (770) 965-3922 (home) -(770) 965-3921 (work)

John Richardson* John is currently Manager Consumer Software and Online Services Architecture Internet Technology Lab for Intel, Corp. (5200 NE Elam Young Parkway, Mailstop JF2-76, Hillsboro, OR 97124-5961, Phone: 503-264-8809)

John has been with Intel since 1992. John  is currently responsible for Broadband Network Architectures, focusing on delivering information to the home PC. Prior to his interest in Broadband, Mr. Richardson was responsible for Enterprise Computing Strategies, with emphasis on database interoperability.

Prior to his tenure with Intel, John  worked out of New York City as an independent consultant specializing in development of database management tools. He started his career with Bell Labaratories working on Unix (tm) operating system development. Mr. Richardson holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and a MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University.  

Check out John's site with lots of great pictures HERE and use this Email, or this Email or this Email as alternate ways of contacting him.

Eric Claeys Susan and I have two boys: Kevin is 10 and Keith is 7. They're into the typical things: soccer, piano lessons, Nintendo, etc. I've been reading them Harry Potter (we're almost done with the 4th book), and I'm not sure who enjoys it more -- me or them. When the kids were young we decided to get a larger house, so we designed and built a new one in Naperville, less than two miles from work. We started with a blank piece of paper (well, actually it was with some software), and designed it to our liking. A few years ago we started building a deck -- maybe we'll be done in a few more years.

I left the computer center a few weeks before we outsourced it to IBM, and went to a 5ESS quality group providing business information to people making management decisions. When the WWW started becoming popular, we moved our data to it. I then moved to another group to support the tools used to produce software quality information, and made it available on the web. Last fall I became the acting technical manager of the group for several months, and enjoyed it immensely. Although I wasn't "officially" a manager, I transitioned my current assignments to others and devoted all my time to managing the group. I even had monthly PFS sessions with everyone (remember them?). Unfortunately, I wasn't promoted, but looking at the bright side, it was a great experience.

Late last year I moved to the Supply Chain Networks organization and am responsible for product design realization for supply chain advantage through early supplier engagement, target costing, efficient sourcing, and risk mitigation plans. In other words, I help decrease Lucent's costs. I'm primarily working hardware-related items, which is like a career change since my focus had always been on software. Nonetheless, it's interesting to learn about the rest of the business. Email.

Dan Stumpenhorst Sandy and I are living in the boonies ~60 miles west of Naperville just outside a little town by the name of Ashton. We have a little place on 4 acres where we've raised the kids the past 8 years. The kids are not solittle anymore as you can imagine. Jared the oldest is 20. He's been attending the local community college where he'll finish up this spring. He's planning to take a year before he decides what 4 yr he wants to finish up at. He's interested in Art, music, and Sports. Not sure what he'll end up doing but Sandy and I keep nudging him along. Josh is 19 and in his Sophomore year at North Central in Naperville. He lives on Campus there and just loves it. He's going into Secondary Ed and has a real serious Girl Friend who's great. Kyle is going to be 18 and is a senior at Ashton High (20 kids in his graduating class). He's a straight A student and a Jock to boot. He's going to be going to North Central as well this coming fall. He's the computer nut in the family and is planning on going into Comp Sci. Not sure if North Centrals the place but he'll at least get the paper as we used to call it. Laura is now 16 and a Sophomore at Ashton High. Not sure what she will be planning on doing, but like your statement concerning your daughters, the boys have found her much to Dads chagrin.

Sandy came back to the work force in 1996 and worked for IBM doing Oracle DBMS work and deployment scripting. We both worked on the same project for 4 years. She now works for Lucent as a Project manager in the Intelligent Network Unit of Switching. She loves the challenges but likes the technical work more. She's currently trying to get a web project off the floor that will be used to track their deployment work. Me.... Well I stuck it out through the years at ATT and then Lucent in the very early days of the split. Finished my Associates Degree at COD, went on to IBC in Lisle, was made an MTS in 1992 (thank you Dan Fyock), got away from the comp center and started working for a really high performance group. I would say next to the original Unix Support Group, I don't believe I had worked in one since. My group was then outsourced to IBM in 1996 where I spent 4 years doing database work, Web architecture, development, and deployment for a very large Lucent product management database. Had a great boss that let me do some really cool stuff.

Immersed myself in learning as we all do reading just about anything on web development. Learned HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Java, ADO, Oracle SQL, and everything I could about Web servers. In June of 2000 I came back to Lucent and worked for who else "Mr. Dean" (affectionately Captain Video). He was great as a boss! Unfortunately he moved on to Motorola and is now a D-level. So now I'm back at Lucent doing tool development for a team of Load builders. It's interesting work with never a lack of things to do. Not sure how long it will last or me for that matter. I'm always keeping my ear to the tracks as the saying goes.   Dan's email is sa@lucent.com where sa is replaced with stumpy.

Dean Reimer Mr. Dean left the UNIX group and went to 5ESS  He now has EIGHT (8) kids and lives in Wheaton! Dean was a technical manager in the Communications Software in the Intelligent Network Unit.. He previously managed a database group that worked with SS7, X.25, mate update, billing, and Oracle/ODIN forms. Mr. Dean is now working for Motorola as an Engineering Manager. Dean's email is hardware@email.mot.com where hardware is replaced with dreimer1.
Darlene Pendergrast* Darlene transferred to AT&T. She called me to perform some security work on AT&T computers in Oakbrook after the infamous crack of AT&T computer systems. The systems in Oakbrook and all of Bell Labs were compromised. I haven't seen Darlene since...
Bill Middlecamp* Last I knew, Bill and Jill were living in Minneapolis with their army of kids and Bill was happy working for CRAY Research 612-681-3365(W) or 612-894-7499(H). The last address I have is: 2302 River Hills Dr, Burnville, MN 55337
Bob Pilz I have been in FL since 85. I have worked on UNIX support, Network Management, Corporate Billing, Multimedia Graphics, Intellectual Properties, and now of SoftSwitch, a software version of 5ESS. Doing software programming mostly, but having fun in FL. Leslie and I have 3 children, Bobby - about to be 21, still looking for a calling. Andrea - 15, with too many boys stunned by her looks. And Cameron - 10 into Cub Scouts, Hockey (both street and ice) and just being Cameron. I enjoy my family and Florida. I met Pat Kitterman's Dad (He noticed my Lucent Logo on my shirt) about 4 years ago. She has retired and is somewhere in FL. At one time, I had 4 relatives working at Bell Labs IH: My mom, Lillian Pilz, who retired in June 2000, my wife, Leslie, who retired when she move to FL in 85, and my in-laws, Bob and Marion Wyckoff, who retired in 85 to FL (Venice) also. Only Dan Stumpenhorst holds a record of relatives working at the same time. (I think it was 8.) (And yes, Tom Fisher was a one of a kind boss.)  Contact him as rcpilz@lucent.com.
Jenifer Morison I left the labs in 1991. I was disillusioned by the turns of events that demanded BL go from a think tank for a monopoly to a competitive business's think tank. So I went to New Mexico by myself in my truck and thought a lot and camped out and just went wherever my spirit directed me.

Then I went home and painted the house- inside & out.

I collected unemployment.

Then I went to work for a college book store for a few years, and that was great! I didn't ever think about the place when I wasn't there! I simply stood at a counter and sold piles of books to lines of people. Every day. Then I went home and did whatever I wanted.

I walked in the woods a lot with my dogs.

I thought a lot about the place humans used to have as part of the planet.

I took up hunting white tail deer.

I became a grandmother several times.

I got married (legally).

I went to work for another university reading essays written by math students (I am employed by the Department of Academic Support). I still do that, but I can do it ANYWHERE- on a plane to Alaska, in a State Park, in my back yard, in my bathroom....

A year ago I touched a computer for the first time since the early 1990's. I got a free yahoo e-mail account so that I could slowly but surely connect or re-connect with people at a safe distance.

As of now (December, 2003) I read e-mail daily, walk in the woods daily, read, ponder, and wonder why my ass has grown HUGE....

Life is good.

Jeni She can be reached as 3BMama@yahoo.com where 3BMama is replaced with jenimorison

Ken Perlman Ken was the UNIX counselor for a short time after Pat Kitterman left the group.  Haven't heard from/about him in years!
Mike Kross Mike is with IBM. He's currently an NT Architect for them working on the Lucent account. He can reached at mikeee@lucent.com.
Joanna Yeh Joanna is out east. I believe Middletown. She's doing Optical Network Development. She's at jwy@lucent.com.
Sue Greene Sue Greene is at sev@gstools.ih.lucent.com. She's doing Tier 2 or 3 Help Desk support for IBM.
Bob Kerns Bob was an AIC contractor - don't know where he is now...
Gayle Pflaum Last I heard Gayle moved to CA with her husband Wolf.
George Hamstra* You may remember me as usa@ihuxa or hostage@ihuxa.  My info can be found HERE.

* Denotes "original group member"

(associate members of)UNIX Support Group
Alan Cox Alan spent so much time working on Empire that he should be classified as an associate of the group!  (847-884-1321) Alan has been working on communications software and imaging software for Dewar Associates. Now, you'll be glad to learn that all his war games experience is now paying off! He's working on real-time and image processing software for a recon and battlefield defense contractor up in Barrington. Alan's email is supercoder@wwa.com where supercoder is replaced with acox.
Ralph Muha Ralph was one of the "ORIGINAL" UNIX Guru's at IH. I heard that he moved to BBN, he was close with RAF, so maybe you can contact him through Roger.. Well, hard to believe, but I found Ralph on the net - he doesn't want to take credit for the first UNIX in Illinois, but it was either him or Faulkner. Ralph's email is cats@minimal.com where cats is replaced with rmuha.
Bob Colby Bob deserves mention, not due to his UNIX expertise, but the effort he put into assisting Tom Fisher with one of the greatest Bell Labs projects of all time - the decompilation of the PDP11/70  executable of Peter Langston's original classic computer game "Empire".  Bob was still at Lucent in November of 2001 - he may be reached at Seoul@att.net where Seoul is replaced with bob.colby.

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