The Electric Chair


Originally built as personal transport for a plant manager inside a large facility, the Electric Chair was abandoned at a Chicago trade show in the 1980s. It sat behind a barn for 15 years before NetGain member Kevin Zak found it.


This 3 wheel, one man "golf cart" with tiller steering was rebuilt from the ground up. A Curtis controller replaced the relay system and four Optima Yellow Top batteries replaced two golf cart batteries. Even a stereo CD player was added.


NetGain used the Electric Chair as a support vehicle for Bad Amplitude while at race tracks across the country. The Electric Chair carries assorted tools and safety equipment, and tows the dragster to and from the track. It has even towed a 4,000 pound truck that broke down at one event.


Although top speed is only about 15 MPH - the Electric Chair can turn on a dime and spin like a carnival "Tilt-a Whirl". A real hit with the crowd.


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