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User Manual - REV A.1
  • Current revision for all HyPer Systems™
  • This manual supersedes REV09 of the HyPer 9 User Manual and the HyPer 9HV User Manual.
  • Be certain to identify your inverter type and follow the corresponding instructions for ISO or NON-ISO.
.pdf file (4.25 MB)
SmartView Software - V 2BC_2BD_DLR_REL_1_1
  • Current version of TAU Synchronous DLR
  • GUI software installation wizard and support files for HyPer-Drive X1™controller/inverters.
.zip folder (216 MB)
Firmware - V 2BD.007.001
  • Current version of firmware to interface software and hardware components
  • Must be installed on X1 or X144 controllers via Smartview.
  • Requires matching SmartView and Clone with matching identifier (i.e. 2BD).
.bin file (490 KB)
Clone Files - For each HyPer™ motor.
  • Clones are controller/inverter configuration files
  • Current versions match the information provided in NetGain's User Manual for HyPer-Drive X1 Inverters.
.clon files
Clone Managemnet QuickGuide - When is Clone File Management Necessary?
  • When you need additional support to solve Diagnostic Codes or abnormal behavior of the vehicle.
  • When asking your Authorized Dealer to change parameters in HyPer-Drive controller programming.
  • When updating HyPer-Drive Controller Firmware to a different version.
  • During the pre-startup steps of your HyPer System User Manual.
.pdf file (1.3 MB)
Serial to USB Driver - For supplied FTDI Serial to USB adapter.
  • Download, Extract(un-zip), and Install if your PC is not already equipped with a driver for FTDI chipsets.
.zip folder (2.1 MB)
  • This will allow you to REQUEST a download of the OEM software.
  • OEM version should only be requested after you complete all Pre-Startup and Post-Startup Steps in the HyPer-Drive User Manual.
  • You must AGREE to the Understanding in order to download the OEM software.
  • You must have a valid reason for requesting the OEM software.
  • We will respond to your request, and if approved you will be allowed access with the login and password you supply.
Request Form
Version 2.4 the Shop Manual for WarP™ and TransWarP™ Motors. .pdf file (112 MB)
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