How to become an OEM Dealer


AN OEM is an Original Equipment Manufacturer. In our terminology an OEM is a company that assembles their own products (vehicles, watercraft, etc.) by utilizing components obtained from various sources. NetGain Motors, Inc. may act as a supplier of these components.

OEM's may request private labeling of the components or for modifications that are required for their application. If the OEM requires a special adaptation and it is developed at the OEM's cost, NetGain Motors, Inc. will not sell the products or make the products available to anyone other than the OEM without the written permission of the OEM.


Our expectations of OEM Motor Dealers is set at a higher standard than our normal Motor Dealers. OEM's are prohibited from selling our components except when used as part of the product they assemble, except that replacement units and parts may be sold to customers who originally purchased a product from the OEM, or as an upgrade to an OEM's existing product. Specifically, OEM's are prohibited from selling products obtained from NetGain Motors, Inc. through the internet or through any other means when said sales are not for use on one of the OEM's products.


To become one of our OEM Motor Dealer, you must have a business registered with your state's taxing authority and possess documentation authorizing you to collect any state required sales tax.


NetGain Motors, Inc. will not be liable to pay taxes to your state's governing bodies as a result of our selling your company any product. Tax liability is your sole responsibility.


Print the "Dealer Application" (and other forms), fill it out and FAX or mail it back to our office along with a photocopy of your state's business license or sales tax resale certificate.


Once we have verified all the information, we may conduct a telephone interview with you. We want to know what your business background is, how long you have been in the EV business, what projects you have worked on ... but most importantly, we want to know you.


Since we do not sell directly to any end users, we realize that our OEMs and Authorized Motor Dealers are our most important asset. We want to be sure we can service you in the way you need us to.


Feel free to contact us directly at any time. We are here for our dealers and can often be reached after regular business hours.


To request further information you may CLICK HERE, or to purchase a motor, please contact one of our Authorized Dealers or  Authorized Distributors.

You may contact us directly via the following:

NetGain Motors, Inc.
800 South State Street, Suite 4
Lockport, Illinois 60441
Voice: 630-243-9100
Fax: 630-685-4054

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