At NetGain Motors, Inc. we like to showcase customers projects. Sometimes we are a major participant, sometimes much less involved, and sometimes we just offer words of praise. Regardless of our level of involvement, we want to provide a place for showcasing these types of projects.


So, if you have used a NetGain Motors, Inc. product (or person!) in your project and would like to let others know about it, simply provide us with the following information at PROJECT and we will list it on our Projects Page


  • Title
  • Brief Description (include the product or person involved in the project)
  • Long narrative - what is the project about, what were the goals, were the goals met, how did NetGain Motors, Inc. help you to reach your goals, etc.
  • Photos to be included in narrative and/or a photo gallery




In our quest for information and products to use in our own projects, we will often times find a web site that has useful information. On our Links Page we list some of those sites.


If you have a site that you think should be listed on our links page, drop us a line at LINKS


NOTE: NetGain Motors, Inc. is not responsible in any way for the information provided by the web sites listed on our Links Page.


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