Informational PDFs

HyPer Motor Informational PDFs
Section I - Dealer Information
Section II - Marketing Information
Section III - Technical Information
Section IV - Special Updates, FAQ's, Newsletters
Section V - End User Information

HyPer Motor Informational PDFs

Product Description Manual for HyPer-Drive X1
Product Description Manual for HyPer-Drive X144
User Manuals for HyPer Systems
Compact Display User Manual
ACX1 TAU SYNC User Manual

Section I - Dealer Information

Dealer Introduction
Dealer How to
Dealer Why
Dealer Service
Dealer Motor Info
Dealer Application
Dealer Credit Application
Dealer Credit Policy
Dealer Territories
Dealer Terms of Sale
Dealer Advertising Rebate Program
WarP Motor Quality
Fact Sheet TransWarP 7
Fact Sheet ImPulse 8
Fact Sheet WarP 8
Fact Sheet ImPulse 9
Fact Sheet WarP 9
Fact Sheet TransWarP 9
Fact Sheet TransWarP 11
Fact Sheet WarP 11
Fact Sheet WarP 13
Motor Warranty
Return Material Authorization
Dealer Logins
WarP Motor Shop Manual

Section II - Marketing Information

Marketing Info
Motor Advantages
Motor Comparison
HyPer 9 IS Sales Sheet
ImPulse 9 Sales Sheet
WarP 9 Sales Sheet
TransWarP 9 Sales Sheet
WarP 11 Sales Sheet
TransWarP 11 Sales Sheet
WarP 11HV Sales Sheet

Section III - Technical Information

Technical Info
WarP Motor Specs
Motor Comparison Graph
Motors at a glance
HyPer 9 Motor Eng Drawing
HyPer 9 96V Graph
HyPer-Drive X1 Eng Drawing
00-08207 TransWarP 7 Eng Drawing
00-08217_WarP 7 Eng Drawing
00-08207 TransWarP 7 DE Drawing
00-08207 TransWarP 7 CE Drawing
TransWarP 7 48VGraph
TransWarP 7 48VNeutral Graph
TransWarP 7 72Adv Graph
48V SpreadSheet
48VNeutral SpreadSheet
72V SpreadSheet
ImPulse 8 Eng Drawing
ImPulse 8 Graph
00-08200 WarP 8 Eng Drawing
00-08203 WarP 8 Eng Drawing
00-08206 WarP 8 Eng Drawing
00-08218 WarP 8 Eng Drawing
00-08249 ImPulse 9 Eng Drawing
00-08259 ImPulse 9 Eng Drawing
00-08269 ImPulse 9 Eng Drawing
ImPulse 9 Graph
ImPulse 9 SpreadSheet
00-08219 WarP 9 Eng Drawing
WarP 9 Graph
WarP 9 SpreadSheet
WarP 9A Graph - Manufactured after 7/1/2010
WarP 9A SpreadSheet - Manufactured after 7/1/2010
08309 TransWarP 9 Eng Drawing
TransWarP 9 Graph
TransWarP 9 SpreadSheet
00-08311 WarP 11 DE Eng Drawing - Manufactured prior 7/1/2012
00-08311 WarP 11 Eng Drawing - Manufactured after 7/1/2012
00-08311O WarP 11 Eng Drawing
WarP 11 Graph
WarP 11 SpreadSheet
00-08711 TransWarP 11 Eng Drawing
00-08711O TransWarP 11 Eng Drawing
08711O TransWarP 11 DE Eng Drawing
TransWarP 11 Graph
TransWarP 11 SpreadSheet
00-08413 WarP 13 Eng Drawing
00-08513 WarP 13 Eng Drawing
WarP 13A Ser Graph
WarP 13A SerPar Graph
WarP 13 SER SpreadSheet
WarP 13 SER SpreadSheet
WarP 13 SERPAR SpreadSheet
9.25" Forced Air Coverband
Shorty Tailshaft Housing T400STS Drawing
DC Motor Safety
DC Motor Bench Test
Useful DC Formulas
DC Brush Wear Indicator

Section IV - Special Updates, FAQs, Newsletters

HyPer-Drive X1 Chill Plate
HyPer 9HV IS
AC Frequently Asked Questions
DC Frequently Asked Questions

Section V - End User Information

Motor Safety
Motor Wiring
Motor Care
Heat and RPM Protection
Bench Test Procedure
User Manuals for HyPer Systems
WarP 7 Parts
TransWarP 7 Parts
ImPulse 8 Parts
WarP 8 Parts
ImPulse 9 Parts
TransWarP 9 Parts
WarP 9 Parts
TransWarp 11 Parts
WarP 11 Parts
WarP 11 HV Parts
WarP 13 Parts
End User Pricing


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