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NetGain's business is the wholesale distribution of the electric motors we have developed for use in electric vehicles. These motors are only sold to Authorized Dealers who have demonstrated a basic knowledge and understanding of electric vehicle design and safety.


If you are a consumer and want to purchase a HyPer or WarP Motor please contact one of our Authorized North American Dealers, or one of our Authorized International Dealers.


If you are a Authorized Dealer and want to purchase a HyPer or WarP Motor for your customers, you may use the on-line order form, email, or contact us via phone. NetGain does not accept verbal Purchase Orders. Authorized Dealers may also purchase from an FDSD Distributor in their region. FDSD Distributors may be found here: Authorized Distributor.


HyPer and WarP Motors are a sturdy, reliable, and economical alternative for electric vehicle motors. We have duplicated bolt hole patterns to make our motors compatible with adapter plates made for ADC motors. We have also developed unique motor designs, such as the TransWarP Motors, TransPulse Motors, and ImPulse Motors. These motors are available exclusively through our Authorized Reseller network.

For Consumers:

If you would like to purchase a HyPer System, or a WarP Motor, please select from the following authorized Dealers:


Authorized Dealers



Authorized Dealers



For Your Business:

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