About NetGain Motors, Inc.

Company Profile

NetGain Motors, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of HyPer™, WarP™, ImPulse™ and TransWarP™ electric motors for use in electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversions. These powerful electric motors may also be used in the conversion of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to Hybrid gas/electric or electric assist vehicles. Our DC motors are manufactured in Frankfort, Illinois by Warfield Electric Motor Company. Our Synchronous AC Motors (SRIPM) are manufactured by SME in Italy.

Company Focus

NetGain Motors primary business focus is on electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle conversions, design and components. To this end NetGain Motors, Inc. will continue to locate, develop, and distribute technologies that focus on this market segment and continue to offer our Dealers the best price and value in the industry.

Our Mission

We will develop and distribute products that provide unique, innovative, and cost effective solutions to help sustain and improve the environment.


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You may contact us directly via the following:

NetGain Motors, Inc.
800 South State Street, Suite 4
Lockport, Illinois 60441
Voice: 630-243-9100
Fax: 630-685-4054

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