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Slip Yokes and End Yokes

Turbo 400 Shorty Tailshaft Housing
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NetGain uses 1350 series universals, allowing for connection to almost any manufacturers driveshaft. We have personally used these slip-yokes on vehicles that have produced almost 3,000 ft. lbs. of torque. These slip-yokes and end-yokes are also the ones we recommend for use with our TransWarP motors!

If you plan on using one of our exclusive TransWarP Motors, be sure to specify that you also want one of these slip yokes! We cannot guarentee that other manufacturers slip yokes will match the specifications of these slip yokes, so the use of other slip yokes could damage your installation, or damage your TransWarP Motor.

The end-yokes we supply may be used on any of our motors that have a 1.125" shaft with a 1/4" keyway, including our HyPer 9motors.


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