Version 1.0 -

This project initially started out as a feasibility project which led to the development of the Bad Amplitude battery powered dragster. We started with an old Enduro Go Kart frame and removed the original Yamaha internal combustion engine.  Next, John Spooner used his metal working skills to fabricate two battery boxes and added an adapter plate for a 96 Volt electric motor. He then installed an on/off switch and a contactor.  The motor was rated at 3/4 HP and 1850 RPM's and used the original chain and gears.  Karl Klien provided 18, 12 Volt batteries and Karl Klien also added body components. Version 1.0 of the Go Kart was born.  These are images of the 1.0 version 96 Volt version of the Go Kart (2 parallel strings of 96 Volts).

Click to enlarge George Hamstra rewired the Go Kart (several times) and added "reverse". He also created a charging harness to charge the parallel 96 Volt strings from a regular 12 Volt charger.  The Go Kart saw regular duty until a com bar lifted and fried the motor.  The Go Kart sat around for a couple years as all the members of NetGain played with the big brother - Bad Amplitude.

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Hunter Age 8


Version 2.0 -

At the urging of his son (Hunter - then 12 years old) George began the project of rebuilding the Go Kart ($350).  Over the 3+ years the Go Kart sat neglected, the body pieces had disappeared.  The rear axle was bent and also needed to be replaced ($20).  George bought a Briggs & Stratton Etek motor ($325) and a Sevcon Millipaq 4QD controller ($350).  (and the programming module ($175)...)   This controller was chosen as it works well with the B&S motor, and because it provides regen when the throttle is released. Since the Etek turns 72 RPM per volt, various gearing combinations were purchased in order to maximize the various uses of the kart ($50).  160, 6-Volt sealed batteries (in case I needed some "spares")  were purchased from HOBI International ($320). The frame was completely  stripped, then sandblasted and finally powder coated metallic red with a clear coat ($400). John Emde fabricated  a new motor mount that allows the motor to be "slid" forwards and backwards.  This allows the chain to be tightened as well as redistributing the motor weight.  The 6-Volt batteries have been installed in 3 parallel strings of 36 Volts.  A 36 Volt battery charger was also purchased ($150). The battery rack is capable of holding 4 parallel strings of 48 Volts using the previous 12 Volt batteries.  The chain was upgraded to #40 to handle the additional torque produced by the Briggs & Stratton motor.  Miscellaneous parts (5K pot ($70), nuts, bolts, steering wheel ($30), upholstery ($75).  Total anticipated cost when complete ~ $3000.00 (does not include labor....)

1/1/2004 - The project is complete!  The final wiring has been installed.  The "dashboard" has been fabricated that will hold the tachometer ($40) and volt-meter/amp-meter ($110).  The go kart also has a keyed ignition, and forward/reverse.  Fuses have been placed where necessary.

As of 4/1/2004 the project is basically complete (though it continues to be "improved". The latest improvement being the rewiring to 48 volts from 36 volts.

This go kart was used as a field test vehicle for a NSF project dealing with a rather exotic battery. A Kinetic Systems Corporation, Data Acquisition System (DAS) was fitted to the kart in order to gather data on the performance of the new batteries.

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So what's next? How about an electric wave runner?
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