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Size Matters!

Compare our WarP 9 brush size to those used by competitors!  You want the best commutation you can get for your motor!  Our extra large brushes are designed for high voltages and currents.  Our motors use specially formulated brushes manufactured exclusively for our motors.

Bigger IS better!

Four wires going to each brush (2 per wafer), versus the more common two wires.

Heavy Duty!

Most manufacturers use 3/8" (or smaller) terminal studs.   Our WarP 9 Motors use 1/2" terminal studs! Which would you prefer?

Why buy a WarP Motor  ?

At NetGain Motors, Inc., we are professionals, and we treat our Dealers and their customers as professionals.   Here are some of the reasons you should consider our motors.  We recommend you try to match these with what competitors offer. You may also want to check out our latest improvements and enhancements by clicking here!

  • We are constantly researching and improving our motors
  • We are committed to our motor product lines
  • We pride ourselves in producing the widest range of EV motors
  • Our motors are accepted and endorsed by the EV community
  • We provide engineering drawings for all our motors
  • We provide actual dynomometer torque curves for all our motors
  • We provide part lists and prices on common motor components
  • We accept custom motor requests
  • Delivery is from stock on most motors
  • We offer unique motors (TransWarP, ImPulse)
  • We offer an excellent motor warranty
  • Our motors have an excellent track record and reputation
  • We provide access to our manufacturer and motor experts when necessary
  • We answer our telephones and Emails, and freely offer suggestions and advice

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of every motor, here are some of the things we do to produce WarP Motors:

  • Top quality, sealed, bearings with high temperature grease
  • High efficiency fans
  • Motor temperature snap switch (normally open)
  • Motor Temperature thermistor for monitoring motor temperature
  • Armature laminations are "keyed" to the armature shaft, not just "pressed" onto the shaft!
  • Specifically designed for street and racing EVs
  • Optimized, advanced brush timing for higher performance
  • Oversize, high quality brushes, custom composition (reduces arcing, provides superior commutation)
  • Fully 95%+ plus brush seating
  • Heavy duty, vibration resistant, stainless steel brush springs
  • Insulation that exceeds Class H temperature rating - cases are FULLY flooded!
  • Best in class patented varnishing process
  • Voltage ranges starting at 48 Volts
  • Interlocking commutator construction
  • High peak motor efficiency

    To request further information you may CLICK HERE, or to purchase a motor, please contact one of our Authorized Dealers or  Authorized Distributors.

    You may contact us directly via the following:

    NetGain Motors, Inc.
    800 South State Street, Suite 4
    Lockport, Illinois 60441
    Voice: 630-243-9100
    Fax: 630-685-4054

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