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Forced Air Cooling Kits*

Turbo 400 Shorty Tailshaft Housing
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(battery and motor mounting brackets are not included)

For all NetGain Motors, Inc. 9" and 11" DC motors. Regardless of which of our brushed DC motors you use, ImPulse, TransPulse, WarPor TransWarP you can increase the continuous duty cycle and ingress protection of your motors by using a forced air coverband and blower kit. We offer everything you should need in a single kit:

The Forced Air Cooling Kit* consists of

A Forced Air Coverband for either the NetGain Motors, Inc. 9" or 11" motors
a 105 CFM 12V blower
a K&N air filter
a Relay box with circuit breaker
3' rubber/plastic intake hose
2 hose clamps
3" to 2" hose adapter (for 9" coverband only)
Forced air coverbands may also be ordered separately.
*NetGain Motors, Inc. has a limited supply of the kits still available.
Once the current stock of this kit is depleted we will not be replenishing these items.


Delivery Time: From Stock.

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