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TransWarP 11

TransWarP 9

The TransWarP Motors.

are designed to be coupled directly to a WarP series motor for dual motor or direct drive applications. They are available in either 11.45" or 9.25" diameters.

EMIS is our patent pending technology that allows you convert 1996 and newer, rear-wheel drive, vehicles with automatic transmissions to electrical assist hybrid vehicles. The conversion process can be completed in as little as a single day by our EMIS Dealers.

OBD PID Calculator

What is an OBD PID Calculator? OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) implementation varies from vehicle to vehicle and from manufacturer to manufacturer and even within a specific model from year-to-year. EMIS  requires that certain OBD codes be present in order to safely engage and transparently power the electric motor that is used.
This calculator can be used to determine whether a particular vehicle provides suitable responses needed by EMIS. In order to use this calculator you need an OBD scanner device (i.e. Obd2AllInOne) that can display the available PID Codes from OBD. You can normally determine the PID code by issuing the command "0100" to OBD. It will respond with . The character pairs following the echo of the "00" indicate the recognized PIDs for the vehicle. There are normally three mode codes that can be detected, so you will need to log the response to the first request, then issue a "0200" and a "0300" command and also log their results. These hex codes can then be input to the PID converter in order to help us determine what options are available for EMIS  to use.

Once you have determined the codes you can cut and paste them into an Email and send the results to NetGain Motors, Inc. for review and suitability determination.



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