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24-120 Volts    Finish Vehicle Weight < 1400 lbs    
170-208 Volts    Finish Vehicle Weight < 2400 lbs
120-170 Volts    Finish Vehicle Weight < 3600 lbs    
208+ Volts    Finish Vehicle Weight < 4800 lbs
Top Speed ~75 MPH Finish Vehicle Weight > 8800 lbs
Top Speed ~100 MPH Gear Ratio ~1:1
Top Speed ~150 MPH Gear Ratio ~4:1
Top Speed ~200 MPH Gear Ratio ~8:1
Tire Diameter < 15" Gear Ratio ~16:1
Tire Diameter < 28"
Tire Diameter > 30"
Daily Driving Range < 30 miles Daily Driving Range 30-60 miles Daily Driving Range > 60-100 miles


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