NetGain announces availability of EMIS!

March 1, 2006 - Lockport, Illinois:

The Engine Motor Interface System or EMIS has been announced by NetGain Motors, Inc. with deliveries schedule to begin in April 2007.

This patent pending technology allows conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to be easily converted to gas-electric hybrids, or electric assist hybrids.

The conversion of a vehicle typically takes less than one day. The product is based upon the work performed for NASA by NetGain Motors, Inc.. "It is exciting, and very gratifying, to see all of the efforts we have put into this project over the past years finally come to fruition" said George Hamstra - President of NetGain Motors, Inc. "It has been an enormous effort by the Members of NetGain to get this product to market".

"This system is truly incredible!" said Dennis Bieschke - Vice President of Marketing "Imagine an installation procedure that takes your conventional vehicle and converts it to a hybrid vehicle - without even opening the hood, and that's completed within a few hours!" "Plus, the integration is done so perfectly that the driver doesn't even notice that a change has been made - it's that seamless, that transparent!"

Further Information:

NetGain Motors, Inc. has a worldwide network of authorized Dealers for its line of electric vehicle motors. Selected Dealers will be certified and authorized to sell the EMIS ™. The current list of Authorized EMIS ™ Dealers may be found at: Authorized EMIS ™ Dealers



EMIS™ monitors the internal combustion engine of a vehicle and determines a strategic amount of electrical power to be supplied to the electric motor in order to assist the internal combustion engine. The result is increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The initial release of the product will work with:

  • 1996 or newer vehicles
  • rear wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission

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